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Is he looking at me? by Hasakitsuki Is he looking at me? :iconhasakitsuki:Hasakitsuki 2 0 Don't come any closer! by Hasakitsuki Don't come any closer! :iconhasakitsuki:Hasakitsuki 5 5 Resting with plushies by Hasakitsuki Resting with plushies :iconhasakitsuki:Hasakitsuki 1 4 Chizuru at the dock by Hasakitsuki Chizuru at the dock :iconhasakitsuki:Hasakitsuki 6 3 Sweet Lolita by Hasakitsuki Sweet Lolita :iconhasakitsuki:Hasakitsuki 6 6
Hakuouki: Her choice
She opened her eyes to intense pain in her chest but as she moaned and blinked, the pain receded. Her head was spinning and she closed her eyes again, trying to calm down the windstorm that was raging under her skull, taking from her the ability to stand. In a flash she remembered what had happened; she had drunk the poison and lost consciousness from the wave of pain that had hit her with the power of a deadly blow. She was alive nonetheless, blind for the moment but not deaf and she listened with great attention.
Was Kaoru still around?
For seconds that stretched forever she listened with all her might, holding her breath to avoid being distracted by the soft sound of air rushing through her windpipe to alternatively fill and empty her lungs. Everything was calm. She could hear no footsteps, no words spoken, no murmur of a sword drawn of its sheath.
Was Kaoru still here, motionless, waiting for his time? Was it a trap?
She waited. Listened. Her eyes remained closed; was she trying to
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By horror mesmerized
I am by horror mesmerized
My racing pulse; sick yet calmer
The paradox that’s here revealed
Is but my fear only greater
Insane; spiders in the staircase
Spindly; venom; waiting for me
Their sight is making my heart race
Yet I can’t wish I did not see
The monster in the corridors
The shadows of the old stone walls
The kraken tearing me to shreds
In my distress they are my friends
Run through the bloody torture rooms
Taste the potion of Amnesia
I breathe in the poisonous fumes
Lost in the castle of Prussia
Forced to step out of the nightmare;
My shaky hands calling me back
Into my own darkest despair
My heart already turning black
:iconhasakitsuki:Hasakitsuki 1 11
It was dusk. She stood alone looking at her reflection. The mirror showed things she would not see. The scars and bruises, for instance. She did not want to see them yet she stared at them. Fixedly.
A part of her knew it was pointless – things do not work like that – but she could not help it. The scarring and hitting were attempts to right back what was wrong.
She thought of Elise. She would never need any of these. Elise was beautiful, she was pretty. She was everything the person in front of the mirror was jealous of.
The girl sighed. She loved Elise. She loved her long, shiny blonde hair. She loved her deep hazel eyes lined with black. She loved her eyelashes, long and heavy with make-up. She loved the way she walked like she were dancing and the way each of her moves was artistic, esthetic. She loved her bright colored lips and loved them even more when they kissed. Elise was beautiful. She was perfect. She was like a butterfly of bright colors. The girl in front of th
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I'm not crossdressing, mum by Hasakitsuki I'm not crossdressing, mum :iconhasakitsuki:Hasakitsuki 1 15
Shadows close around me.
I know I’m walking into a dream, but that doesn’t make it less real.
I see the scene from a distance, as though my conscience had parted with my body. It is always like that in my dreams – in my nightmares.
There’s a girl standing in front of a full-length mirror. She’s short, with long dark hair, a round face, big eyes. She looks like a child, and isn’t smiling. She’s wearing a pretty skirt, and I get a flash image of her spinning like a top to make her skirt fly over her bruised knees, laughing. No top can spin forever though. There is a moment when it will fall to its side.
The mirrored image doesn’t show her. It is someone older and taller, with short hair of the same color. This person seems darker though, like the world inside of the mirror had less light. Shadows seem to curl around him, wrapping themselves around his legs and arms. He’s not smiling either. He’s frowning, and staring at the youn
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Hakuouki : The son of a demon
“Bring it on.” Kaoru’s smile twisted his face as he drew his sword too. “Try to kill me, just try.”
Souji screamed and rushed forward. The boy stepped aside and slashed at his back in a counterattack. The blade’s tip cut through the kimono, leaving Souji unharmed. He turned to face his opponent. His eyes glowed eerily in the dark. Blood dripped on his clothes from the cut in his throat.
“You’re out of breath already.” Kaoru snickered. “Give up. It’s no use getting you exhausted for nothing while you could just lie by her side and calmly wait for the end.”
“Shut it!”
I can’t die before I have killed you!
He attacked again, aiming at Kaoru’s eyes. He was breathing fast indeed and missed his target but Kaoru couldn’t dodge fast enough to avoid getting a small cut on his forehead. He grimaced in surprise when blood flowed into his left eye. Souji seized the opportunity and attacked
:iconhasakitsuki:Hasakitsuki 2 2
Hakuouki : Drink the poison
“I will make sure you understand this well.” The boy said with a mean smile. He pointed at his twin trembling a few meters away. “You, sweet little sister who took everything from me, I will pay you back now. This time I will get to watch you lose the one you care the most for, the one you love more than anyone else. I will see it all when you watch him suffer to the point he will eventually lose his last shreds of sanity and become a beast. You will have to witness the hopelessness in his eyes you love so much as he slowly and painfully turns into something less than human. And when you are on the edge of losing your mind over such terrible spectacle that I will inflict on you, he will put an end to this himself, by killing you for your blood. And maybe, maybe you will still be alive at this moment…”
Kaoru’s smile widened. It seemed to be a nice smile, but with a closer look one grasped its actual ruthlessness. Chizuru shuddered and wondered how so
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Ochimizu in the snow by Hasakitsuki Ochimizu in the snow :iconhasakitsuki:Hasakitsuki 1 2 Making a snow bunny! by Hasakitsuki Making a snow bunny! :iconhasakitsuki:Hasakitsuki 0 0 Clouded sky and clouded heart by Hasakitsuki Clouded sky and clouded heart :iconhasakitsuki:Hasakitsuki 2 3 I challenge you! by Hasakitsuki I challenge you! :iconhasakitsuki:Hasakitsuki 7 5


  • Reading: My school book.
  • Eating: I'm always hungry...
  • Drinking: Just had coffee.
This has to be one of the biggest questions of the world. Has anyone ever had a problems-free school time? No bad grades, no teacher whom you disliked, no bullying? That's science-fiction. Grump 
Yes, after more than one year I finally got into the Swedish educative system; about time. I started with some job-coaching courses that honestly were fine but it wasn't actually school. I then followed a quick preparative course in Swedish language, which led me to the course I am in now. I'm actually following a high school program but I'm studying in vuxenskola, adults' school. Stare 
This was the first hard hit: I'm barely twenty and they put me in adults' school. *sigh* Okay, I understand that it's the law but still. They could at least have spared me one thing... you see, I'm an immigrant and so I'm not very good at Swedish. So whoever was responsible for this course Arbetsförnedringen decided to take 20 immigrants, put them in the same class, wait two years and everybody will have a job. Oh yeah. Yay. Good for you. 
I'm sorry that's not how it works. Some in my class can't put 3 Swedish words together in a sentence while some can talk almost fluently... I'm in ur post! Shakin mah fish!

As far as I'm concerned, I'm really trying to learn the language. Before the course even started, I read the whole first book alone, one chapter every day. It was very hard at the time but now I'm friends with this book. My Swedish is pretty good, and here I spend every school day waiting for the rest of my class to catch up. All the time. The teachers take 5mn explaining something I took 1mn to understand - and that was one week ago. The teachers explain something that I already know while I'm only longing to move on, I get bored, stop listening and do something else. This is how every day goes. Bunny bored 
After a month of this, having fever all day and skipping school feels golden. Cough Yes I've been pretty sick recently.

I'm sorry about ranting, but my friends know that I'm not a patient person. Especially with studying, I'm in very much of a hurry because I need this education in my everyday life and I need it now . Every day my teachers say that we have all time in the world, and we're going to go even slower from now on because some students have problems following.

So yes, I have talked to my teachers, who said that this can't be helped. I understand this. I'm trying to change schools but as I said I'm in a hurry otherwise the snail pace wouldn't annoy me this much and I really don't want to wait until fall term starts.
Oh and to top it all, I really don't think that the school I'm in is welcoming at all... it's actually the complete opposite; it feels like my class is not desired here. Whenever something is wrong, it's always my class that is blamed. Talk about a nice atmosphere... Yugi Facepalm

What keeps me going currently is geekiness. Geeky interest like cosplay and circle lenses as well as video games fill my world. It feels like a rollback to high school times...
Anyways, I have received a brand-new game platform yesterday and I currently have two games for it, including one that I'm currently crazy about (looking at you... Majora icon ) The only thing missing is a charger so I can actually play the thing. Here I'll be camping in front of my mailbox in another week, waiting for the godly cable!
Until next time! Goodbye grandma. 


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I'm 20 years old physically, half of it mentally and I live in Sweden :D
I'm a cosplayer. I really love pair cosplays! :heart: I'm also very fond of the Sweet Lolita style. I'm horribly addicted to circle lenses; I do reviews on my cosplay blog so go check it out! :la:

My cosplay blog:
My coscom:


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